I'm Allie Majer and I’d like to welcome you and your family to Signhills Infant Academy.

Our main aim is for everyone to enjoy school in a caring and nurturing environment.





Our Ethos, Values and Vision



Ethos and Values Statement   (Who we are) 


Signhills Infants Academy is an inclusive school with a strong ethos to value every child. We work together for the benefit of the children, families and staff in the school community.  Our Academy is a lively and exciting place in which we prepare our children for life in our ever changing world. We provide a rich and magical education for all children. We have high expectations of our staff and pupils. We continually encourage them to do their best, and develop a desire to learn.  Your support and encouragement are crucial in helping them to succeed in their school life. We feel that if the school provides the right ethos, children will gain the tools they require to grow, develop and thrive beyond our setting.  


Vision Statement   (What we strive for)

Our vision is to develop strong minds, bodies and spirit in preparation for life. We sow the seeds of curiosity, enthusiasm and resilience to ensure all children continue to delight in their lifelong love of learning. We aim for  our pupils to be happy and contented in school.  We want children’s love of learning, wonderment of their world and limitless dreams of what they might achieve to be harnessed and opportunities provided for them to make strides in their learning, their interests and their motivation.

Mission Statement   (How we will do it)

We will:

  • Ensure there is a warm, welcoming and secure environment for all
  • Provide high quality, personalised and inspirational teaching and learning
  • Offer a creative and adventurous curriculum delivered by a passionate and innovative team
  • Expect high standards for behaviour and conduct
  • Provide enriching experiences and role models
  • Foster a culture in which every child's contribution is encouraged, valued and celebrated
  • Build genuine, collaborative partnerships with families and the community.


The aim of our website is to provide you with up to date information about what is happening within the Academy.  Alongside this please read our fortnightly newsletters, which are published on our blog, Signhills News: https://signhillsblog.wordpress.com/


We look forward to meeting you and wish your child every success and happiness during their time at Signhills Infant Academy.